Songs of the Week 232: September 8 – September 14

sojux#5. Sojux – Monster Not Happy

Dark, distorted and haunting. 3 things I like in my music.

yez yez#4. Yez Yez Feat. Speelburg – Say Hello

On the polar opposite end of the spectrum as the previous track from Sojux we have a glam-rock, happy-go-lucky track from Yez Yez (who I can literally find no information about anywhere) and Speelburg. Brings me back to the Fatboy Slim days of the early 90s… or maybe even Cake.

boulevarde#3. Boulevarde – Lover

This one’s got a bit of everything. Orchestral strings, plucky guitar, pensive vocals, and a harsher-than-expected chorus.

cabu#2. Cabu Feat. Vanessa Elisha – Signs

This one’s grown on me big time. It definitely is a slow burn, with a pretty calm intro and some delicate vocals from Vanessa Elisha. Digging the change of pace midway through tho.

litany#1. Litany – Go Out

La la la. Another week, another disgustingly-charming track for the duo at Litany. The queen (and king) of bedroom pop have really nailed their sound, and it sucks me in every single time.

Songs of the Week 231: September 1 – September 7

tones and i#5. Tones And I – Dance Monkey

Fantastic video and fantastically catchy. Love the raspy, unique vocals.

yellow shoots#4. Yellow Shoots – Everything

Back to back weeks of Yellow Shoots, who has been dominating my playlist with his offbeat, eccentric electro jams.

vandelux#3. Vandelux – Know Some

Deep house club vibes, and a track that is just begging to be remixed to oblivion.

lover#2. Lover – Starving

Lover is very quickly becoming one of my favorite up and coming artists, with his unique sound and clever, saccharine sounds making for some perfect loungin-around-the-house music.

unlike pluto#1. Unlike Pluto – Everything About Nothing

Unlike Pluto puts out too much music for me to keep up with (which really says something, as I listen to an absurd amount of music every day). Everything About NothingĀ has been at or near the top of my rotation for a few weeks now (yes, we are currently working through a backlog).