Songs of the Week 215: May 12 – May 18

0171#5. 0171 – SMTHN RL

While only two songs to their credit (according to Soundcloud anyway), they are two pretty damn interesting songs.

brasko#4. Brasko Feat. Saint Pressure – Lipstick Stains

It’s a bit of a weird week of shares this one. All tracks definitely don’t fit the “would be played at Starbucks” theme that seems to permeate a good 2-3 tracks I share each week. Lipstick Stains isn’t my typical jam, but goshdang it’s been stuck in my head since I first heard that chorus.

mesita#3. Mesita – Blackwhite

My man Mesita with another stellar release.

noah slee#2. Noah Slee – Stayed

I’ve been on a Noah Slee train ever since re-visiting DGAF a few weeks ago that I can’t seem to get off of.

casey lowry#1. Casey Lowry – Roam

A feel good track if I ever heard one that is full of uplifting and positive vibes.

Songs of the Week 214: May 5 – May 11

local natives

#5. Local Natives – Megaton Mile

I’ve never really been on the Local Natives train. No good reason why – they’ve just never seemed to enter my musical world. That said I gave their newest album a listen, and it’s nice time. Megaton Mile is far and away my favorite track.

Mercedes-Benz USA Official Awards Viewing Party at Four Seasons, Beverly Hills, CA#4. Taylor Beau & Lil Anne – Faded

Not too sure what the story is here. Taylor is some sort of celebrity turned pop artist? Or is dating someone famous? I don’t know, I’m too old for this shit. That said gotta admit when a song is catchy and this track has got it going.

khushi#3. Khushi – Freedom Falls

Another one of those tracks that is both super cool and super unique. Feels like it belongs in a movie with an iconic soundtrack like Garden State.

tobi#2. Tobi – 180 / Serenity

This is smoooooth. Crazy chill with the kind of beat that has you subconsciously bobbing your head along without realizing it. Not a huge fan of the backhalf track Serenity, but hey… can’t win em all.

jeremy zucker#1. Jeremy Zucker Feat. Chelsea Cutler – Hello Old Friend

Bit of a 180 (see what I did there?!?!) from the Tobi track, we delve into emo pop and a song that rekindles that highschool feel of teen angst pop. Not a huge fan of the opening verse, but come 1:00 minute on the song really takes off.