Songs of the Week 241: November 10 – November 16

am!r#5. Am!r – Take Off

Super sexy bedroom jams from Am!r. The first few lines hook me in everytime, and while the song loses some of it’s charm near the end, it’s still very very smooth.

leo cosmos#4. Leo Cosmos Feat. Jed – Take My Chances

Are you having a bit of a downer day? Do you wanna magically just start feeling better? Listen to Leo Cosmos’ Take My Chances – problem solved. Dude has incredibly positive vibes radiating through his music.

berel#3. Berel – Concrete

This one kinda crept up on me. I had it hearted on Spotify, but didn’t think too much of it on first pass. Yet it somehow kept coming up on my shuffle and each time I kept doing a double take to see what track that was. Something real charming about the sound here.

berry juice#2. Berry Juice Feat. Deirdre – She Got The Moon

A total throwback track that captured a nostalgic sound of dance disco pop so well. This’ll be stuck in your head for days.

gallant-paper tulips#1. Gallant – Paper Tulips

It’s been quite a journey with Gallant. Dude is a legit superstar now, but I still remember the moment I first heard Please (Vignette) and was mesmerized. Fast forward and we have another new album from Gallant which is actually brilliant. This will not be the only song I feature from it…

Songs of the Week 240: November 3 – November 9

yehan jehan#5. Yehan Jehan – Haze

Big fan of Mr. Jehan’s work. If you’re digging this, definitely check out his Mac DeMarco cover.

monsune3#4. Monsune – Cloud

The last from my Monsune collection is Cloud… another sultry pop-styled bedroom jam.

emerson leif#3. Emerson Leif – Wake Up With You

It’s a strong week of music, which is why it’s so tough to toss a track like Wake Up With You so at just #3. While I do think the chorus isn’t top notch, those hazy verses are so smooth.

de rien#2. De Rien – Cali

How about this for a goddamn debut track. Geez. Will be tough to follow this up, but I’m eagerly waiting to see De Rien try.

garcons-ladybug#1. Garcons – Ladybug

The lads put out a real stellar album a few weeks ago. Ladybug is the last feature I’ll have from Be Human.