Songs of the Week 129: November 4 – November 11

blasko#5. Blasko – Japanese Hotel

It’s mostly a bunch of newcomers to the blog this week, starting with Blasko and his new pseudo-dance track Japanese Hotel.

manilla killa#4. Manila Killa Feat. Mansionair – Wake Up Call

Another one of those tracks that gives instills some panic – plus it features Mansionair, who are always the sign of a good time.

pomo#3. Pomo Feat. Harrison Brome – Intoxicated

These two are definitely not newcomers to the blog. I love almost everything either Pomo or Harrison Brome touch, so it was only natural that this track would be making the cut.

sufjan stevens#2. Sufjan Stevens – Lonely Man Of Winter

I will always have room for Sufjan Stevens in my life. He carried me through a lot of my late highschool and early university years. Michigan is one of my all-time favorite albums. While sometimes he’s a bit TOO eccentric for me, there’s always some calming charm in everyone one of his tracks. And yes this is a Christmas track – it’s never too early for Mr. Stevens.

airplane man#1. Airplane Man – Brain Damage

A super solid, nothing too fancy pop-rock track from Airplane Man. Find myself passively bobbing along each time time Brain Damage crosses my playlist.

Songs of the Week 188: November 4 – November 10

070shake#5. 070 Shake – Mirros

There’s something almost hypnotizing about Mirrors, off 070 Shake’s 2018 release Glitter.

aiwake#4. Aiwake – Palm City

A common feel I get from music is a sense of panic. Palm City brings that big time.

kiiara#3. Kiiara – L*** Is A Bad Word

Horns! A rare sound in pop music, but one that works here quite nicely.

they#2. They. Feat. Gallant – Rockville Station

Bedroom jams from They. is nothing unusual. Bringing on Gallant for the ride only heats things up. Easily my favorite track of the 6-song album released last week.

tender#1. Tender – Fear of Falling Asleep

I’m in a bit of a music slump. This was a soft week, even by casual standards. That said, the softness is somewhat rescued by Tender (who have been on a tear recently with fantastic releases). This track is equal parts gorgeous and haunting.