Songs of the Week 334: September 12 – September 18

#5. Mating Ritual – Old Disco

Been some time since I heard new stuff from Mating Ritual. Their “in your face” style of pop rock still holds true. Adrenaline-fueled, fun music.

#4. Mild Minds – Machine

This track is the “uncanny valley” of songs to me. It makes me uncomfortable and kinda creeps me out. But I still dig it nonetheless.

#3. Jr Jr – Good Old Days (Classixx Remix) //

It’s been AGES since I heard a Classixx remix. Glad to see they are just as retro-chill as they always were. Great spin of this JR JR.

#2. Little Monarch – Strike

Hadn’t heard of Little Monarch prior to Strike. Will be sure to follow now. Great pop track.

#1. Kanye West – Believe What I Say

I truly did not expect to like anything on Donda. After a few albums of music I just could not listen to (which is so disappointing considering how much I adored the early-era Kanye). In fact I’m almost disgusted by how much I am in love with Believe What I Say. It’s brilliant. It’s the epitome of the kind of light-hearted hip hop I adore. Catchy hooks, great sample, singable and just a feel-good vibe. Why do you tease me like this Kanye. Make more like this plz.

Songs of the Week 333: September 5 – September 11

#5. Pat Lok – Time After Time

A very Pat Lok sounding dance club tune. Always easy listening. Always positive feels.

#4. Tame Impala – Is It True (Final DJs Remix) //

Final DJs are on fire wit the remixes this year. Just a great sound.

#3. Craig Stamp – Make It Easier

Time travel back to the late 90s with Craig Stamp’s retro sounding Make It Easier.

#2. Merry Choppins Feat. Island Police – Cloudin

Can’t find any real details on Merry Choppins, so we’re stuck for now with just a Spotify page… which I highly recommend checking out if you’re into the quirky, somewhat eccentric Cloudin.

#1. Flowervillain – Blue Heart

Gambino’s early albums had some of the most clever lyrics in the game, and Heartbeat was near the top of those tracks. It’s brilliant… and Flowervillain’s mashup with Blue really let’s the lyrics shine. In fact, it almost makes them better, as the beat seems to usher the listening into really listening to each word and rhyme. So good.