Songs of the Week 283: September 6 – September 12

#5. Kayex – Snowing Gold

Came across this one a few posts ago but it never really stuck until this week. Now I’m totally diggin’ the Tron-like electronica vibes.

#4. Golden – Hate

Sometimes a pleasant sounding bedroom pop track is all one needs to feel good about things.

#3. Lanks Feat. Lucy Sugerman – I’d Do It All Again

Been a while since I’d heard some new Lanks. He’s back with some gorgeous new tracks, this one going vocaless and instead bringing on some haunting vocals from Lucy Sugerman.

#2. Charlie Burg – Lancaster Nights

I’m convinced Charlie Burg is the most underrated artist in the game right now. He’s got a little bit of everything in all his tracks, with some heavy jazz/blues influences complimenting a sound that is that of a seasoned veteran. When I first came upon this track I was convinced it’d be a top track of the week. Something else took over my life this week, but goddamn this track is groovy.

#1. Michi – Escondida

Yea. It’s the “doo wops” that got me but geezus how can you not be into that? It’s woven so well into the track, and instead of wearing on you by the end you continue to be excited by each time the next round comes by. Haven’t come across Michi before but I’ll def be watching now.

Songs of the Week 282: August 30 – September 5

#5. Duckwrth – New Love Song

Know the name, but can’t say I’ve heard too many tracks from Duckwrth before. Digging the vibes of New Love Song tho.

#4. Roosevelt – Echoes

Roosevelt’s really nailed his retro-disco sound. For me, the slightly warped vocals really seal the deal. Big fan of second of this track, where the pace gets super sci-fi spacey.

#3. Bibo – Late Hour

I’m a big fan of dark, broody tracks. This one has that in spades.

#2. Nicolosi – Surreal

Another track this week that I think really gets going in the last half of the track. Love the word-play as well.

#1. Glue70 – Throw Back

This week was really the week of chill, lo-fi beats type tracks.