Songs of the Week 351: January 9 – January 15

#5. Hashira – Cascade

That is some beat.

#4. Plaza – Lover

I struggle with whether I like this or the Slowed+Reverb version more? Regardless, sexy times are here.

#3. Fireboy DML Feat. Ed Sheeran – Peru

This has the sounds/feels of a song that I’ll soon grow sick of… but for now I can’t but help hit play.

#2. Jon Bryant – Candied Tangerines

Pure “feelgoodness”. A made for radio track.

#1. Zhu – Mannequins & Egos

It’s mysterious.. but it’s also Zhu so that comes with the territory. Absolutely adore the second verse. Makes the song for me. Just wish it didn’t take 2 minutes to get there.

Songs of the Week 350: January 2 – January 8

#5. Britton Rauscher – Nobody’s Smiling

Some solid flow, but imo this track is carried by some sweet production and a great sample, helping to create a catchy af beat.

#3. Araya – Archon

Love love lovvvvving the auto-tune distorted vocals in the chorus.

#3. Lvndvn – Sides

A real strong week means this one somehow falls to #3. Regardless of it’s spot, it’s silky smooth. Very strong The Weeknd vibes here.

#2. Eyeconic – Sober Up

Something about Eyeconic’s brand of rap just zens me right now. Easy-listening hip hop.

#1. Triple One – Come Over

What a track. The chorus lives with me for days. Really dig the vocals. All of it. So good.