Songs of the Week 1: March 15 – March 21

The Knocks#5. Tove Lo – Not On Drugs (The Knocks Remix) //

Pretty much everything The Knocks touch turns to gold. A longtime member of the top spot on my list of “must see” bands, they turn Tove Lo’s Not On Drugs into a pure goodness.


#4. KeithCharles Spacebar – S.T.A.C.Y.

Hadn’t come across KCSB until going through my blogroll this past week, and I was hooked to S.T.A.C.Y. from the moment the vocal-driven-beat started. I like to stick to soundcloud, but unfortunately all I had for this one was a youtube video. If you can, find yourself a pair of headphones and seek out a high quality version of this one… it’s worth it for that bass alone.

Noah Neiman

#3. Noah Neiman ft. Mike Schmid – Follow

Is it taboo to post radio rips? Normally I’d look past a song to find something else, but I can’t skip this one. That chorus is just too dance-worthy to pass up on. Who doesn’t love a good dance anthem?!

Deutsch Duke

#2. Deutsch Duke – Battleground

5 months in and Deutsch Duke has released 3 songs, the latest being my favourite. An easy listen, Battleground does just enough to keep me wanting to hit “play again”.


#1. Aces – Find Me Out

This one came out of nowhere. After a first listen it stuck enough to make my rotation, but the more I listened the more entranced I was. Something about the soft lulls of that chorus and the gentle vocals just… just work. Already one of my favourite songs of the year.