Songs of the Week 6: April 19 – April 25


#5. VÉRITÉ – Colors

Was absolutely in love with VÉRITÉ’s earlier release Weekend. Love Colors almost as much. Has a similar sound and is equally upbeat and danceable. Hoping to catch her live when she’s next in town.


#4. Matt Cardle – When You Were My Girl (Tontario Remix) //

What was already a dance hit, Tonario turns Matt Cardle’s When You Were My Girl into something right out of the disco era, but with a modern twist. Nothing but good vibes from this one.

Swim Deep

#3. Swim Deep – Hotel California

Been a while since I’ve come across a psychedelic-rock sound I enjoyed. It’s easy to get lost in the newest Swim Deep single and screams summer beach sunshine to me.


#2. Janelle Kroll – Numb

I can’t quite figure out Numb. At times it’s got a bit of a soul thing going on, then it turns a bit blues. Whichever direction it goes in though, it’s good. Like all my favourite songs these days, it’s got that haunting vibe and sexy-vocals that really captures your attention.


#1. SLO – Shut Out of Paradise

Soft female vocals overtop luscious strings or delicate piano. Rinse. Repeat. I’m not sure if it’s just the scene I’m into now, or if that IS what the scene is. Regardless, there are a bunch of amazing new artists right now that have seemingly been inspired by something like London Grammar (and even then I’m not sure if that goes back far enough). I’m ok with it.

Songs of the Week 5: April 12 – April 18

Marty Rod#5. Marty Rod – What’s Your 20

This song is a few years old, but I only came across Marty Rod this week after hearing their vocals on a new Kill Paris track (Blame It All On Your Ways). Checked out everything I could from Marty Rod, and What’s Your 20 ended up being my favourite.


#4. Kentaur – Matter & Stone

A brooding, soulful debut from Kentaur. Reminds me a lot of Kwabs. Also loving the strings that lace the background to compliment the vocals. Looking forward to hearing more from Kentaur.


#3. The Eden Project – XO

I had a real hard time ranking the numbers 3-5 this week. Kentaur, The Eden Project or Marty Rod could have been in any order and I’d have been ok with it. I’m not really sure why I dig XO as much as I do. Just seems to be one of those songs…


#2. AQUILO – Better Off Without You

While there was no clear bottom 3 this week, there was a clear top 2. However, between those 2 it’s a virtual tie for top spot. Someone has to be #2 though… and AQUILO’s Better off Without You is a great choice. AQUILO was already one of my most loved bands of the past year… and now this new track may my favourite offering of theirs to date.


#1. Jones – Indulge

That chorus. It’s stuck in my head in the very best way possible. I have had this on repeat all week and it’s easily outplayed songs I’ve been listening to as far back as early March. Words don’t do Indulge justice… it demands a listen.