Songs of the Week 5: April 12 – April 18

Marty Rod#5. Marty Rod – What’s Your 20

This song is a few years old, but I only came across Marty Rod this week after hearing their vocals on a new Kill Paris track (Blame It All On Your Ways). Checked out everything I could from Marty Rod, and What’s Your 20 ended up being my favourite.


#4. Kentaur – Matter & Stone

A brooding, soulful debut from Kentaur. Reminds me a lot of Kwabs. Also loving the strings that lace the background to compliment the vocals. Looking forward to hearing more from Kentaur.


#3. The Eden Project – XO

I had a real hard time ranking the numbers 3-5 this week. Kentaur, The Eden Project or Marty Rod could have been in any order and I’d have been ok with it. I’m not really sure why I dig XO as much as I do. Just seems to be one of those songs…


#2. AQUILO – Better Off Without You

While there was no clear bottom 3 this week, there was a clear top 2. However, between those 2 it’s a virtual tie for top spot. Someone has to be #2 though… and AQUILO’s Better off Without You is a great choice. AQUILO was already one of my most loved bands of the past year… and now this new track may my favourite offering of theirs to date.


#1. Jones – Indulge

That chorus. It’s stuck in my head in the very best way possible. I have had this on repeat all week and it’s easily outplayed songs I’ve been listening to as far back as early March. Words don’t do Indulge justice… it demands a listen.