Songs of the Week 11: May 24 – May 30

gallant#5. Gallant – Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters Cover) //

Well this one was unexpected. Learn to Fly was one of my favourite songs growing up, including having one kickass music video. Don’t know if I could have ever pictured it being spun into a power ballad, but Gallant does what Gallant wants to do. And boy does he do it well.


#4. ALAEV feat. Julia B – Light As A Feather (SoulCircuit Remix) //

This right here is some smooth house music. Not quite enough to get you going at a dance party, but perhaps the perfect song to play while everyone settles in, has a few drinks and breaks the ice. It’s like a dance appetizer.

terry urban#3. A$AP Rocky – L$D (Terry Urban Remix) //

I was at a bar last week that typically plays 90s rock. Suddenly the video for L$D came on. Seems like everyone and their grandmother has heard that song by now, despite the record being out what…maybe a week or two now? I love the track, and it would definitely have made my cut…but I decided to go with Terry Urban’s remix to keep things interesting. If you haven’t heard the original yet, definitely go give it a listen.

a$ap rocky

#2. A$AP Rocky feat. Joe Fox – Holy Ghost

A$AP Rocky’s ALLA is amazing. I could have put quite a few tracks from it on my list this week. Out of all, it’s a close race between L$D and Holy Ghost for my favourite.

Rationale#1. Rationale – Re.Up

Yes. This will do nicely. The moment the song started I was in love. I’m already a fan of Rationale’s other release (Fast Lane), but Re.Up really made me perk up and take notice of these guys. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Songs of the Week 10: May 17 – May 23

Red House Glory

#5. Red House Glory – Living A Lie

Well this could be a first…  a true rock & roll song on my blog. Red House Glory actually released So Easy just recently, which led me to their Soundcloud page. Instead of falling in love with So Easy I took a hankering to the powerful and abrasive Living a Lie.


#4. Spadez Feat. Riff Raff & Deniro Farrar – Hella Gone

This one may ruffle some feathers… but GAWD DAMN it’s catchy. I have a soft spot for Riff Raff. Anytime he’s featured on a track I’m immediately sucked into his verse. Not that it ever really makes sense, but why do lyrics always need to be deep and introspective? Sometimes I just want them to sound good.

Jamie XX2

#3. Jamie XX Feat. Romy – Loud Places

I’m admittedly a little slow to this one. It had been released a few weeks ago, but when I heard he was releasing a full album in early June I thought I’d hold off listening to anything until it was released. Then I heard it played at a friends place and that was it. I was addicted. The vocals of Romy give this such an XX sound… and the sampled chorus is just so lovely.


#2. PKWY – Everybody

Next to chopped vocals, my favourite thing artists do is layer vocals over themselves (or with another vocalist). When I was in high school, Taking Back Sunday were one of my go-to bands for this very reason. Not only does PKWY have that going for them, but the whole song has this feeling of happiness and “don’t worry, it’ll be all good” vibe going for it.

Jamie XX

#1. Jamie XX Feat. Young Thug & Popcan – I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)

OH MAN. OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN. I haven’t been this excited after hearing the first spin of a song in a long time. This couldn’t have been released at a better time seeing as we’re just rolling into summer (and I’m confident this will now be the song of summer). Did I mention that I like sampling? Or that I was doing my best to not listen to any of Jamie XX’s new album yet? Right… obviously I have weak willpower.