Songs of the Week 7: April 26 – May 2

Miami Horror

#5. Miami Horror (Feat. Aaron Miller & Gavin Turek) – Cellophane (So Cruel)

I enjoyed Miami Horror’s All Possible Futures, which was just recently released. While this wasn’t my favourite song from the record (that title goes to Another Rise, Another Fall…but unfortunately I couldn’t find a stream for it), Cellophane (So Cruel) is the perfect tune to bring us into the impending summer. Airy, breezy and made for beach & pool parties.


#4. Tamaryn – Hands All Over Me

Haven’t heard much about Tamaryn (and their soundcloud – which is empty currently – doesn’t do much to satisfy my thirst for more), but I really dug Hands All Over Me. Everything from the synth to the unusual pacing has me wiggling in my seat each time I listen.


#3. HNNY – Cheer Up, My Brother

I was hooked on this song the second the vocals started. The way she wobbles at the end of each line… so good. I find that this is one of those songs that is just super easy to listen to. Perfect background music for all those fancy afternoon tea parties.


#2. Deadmau5 – Silent Picture (Grabbitz Vocal Edit) //

I’ve been struggling all week to put my finger on exactly what this reminds me. A little bit Dirty Vegas is the closest I’ve gotten. I’ve never been the biggest fan of instrumentals, so anytime someone adds vocals to a Deadmau5 track I usually am quick to listen. I think Grabbitz did a fantastic job with his edit of Silent Picture.

handsome ghost

#1. Handsome Ghost – We Won’t Sleep

Another week where I didn’t really feel like anything stuck out to deserve being #1. All the above were good, but not great. So I’ve opened up the vault again to stuff I loved JUST before I started this blog, and Handsome Ghost’s We Won’t Sleep missed the cutoff by just one day. One of my favourite songs of the past 3-4 months, it’s got a chorus that you’ll be humming for days after listening.