Best of the Rest #1 – “OMG THAT DROP”

Arty feat. Angel Taylor – Up All Night (Slander Remix) //

Barely three months in and I’m already breaking my blog rule of Sunday posts only. Call it weak willpower, but there’s just too much good music from the past few years that I’ll never get to share without a cheat for my system. So, Best of the Rest was born, where once or twice a month I will share my most favoritest songs that were discovered before I started the blog.

Kicking off this new segment is one of my top 5 “stop everything I’m doing to dance” songs ever. I love the original equally as much, but gave the edge to the Slander remix because of that drop. I’m not a huge trap fan – I often find it a bit hard on the ears – but this one is just smooth enough to seep through (and it’s got killer vocals from Angel Taylor to boot).