Songs of the Week 8: May 3 – May 9

family friends

#5. Family Friends – On Your Mind

Wasn’t the song I wanted to post as #5, but sometimes the lack of information about an artist (in this case… no facebook page and no soundcloud page) makes it difficult. So instead, Family Friends and their debut On Your Mind makes the cut. It’s got a nice lo-fi, garage rock sound going on.

kingky love

#4. Kinky Love – Counting On Distance

I didn’t even like this song the first time I listened to it.. but for days after I had the chorus stuck in my head. I’ve since come around, and now adore the chic lounge vibe of Counting On Distance.


#3. Roosevelt – Night Moves

Do you want to dance? Not rave dance, but that awkward sideways shuffle one does while home alone, in nothing but underwear with the blinds drawn. Well, Roosevelt has you covered. So, so smooth.


#2. XY&O – Low Tide

Another song that grew on me as the week went on. Also another debut. Part pop, part dance and all awesome. Looking forward to big things from XY&O.


#1. AQUILO – Put Me Down

I know I’ve already dubbed both Allan Rayman and Christine & The Queens as candidates for my favourite band of 2015… but I think there could be a third horse in that race. Every time I get wind of a new AQUILO song, I prepare myself for disappointment. After all, how could they top Human and Better Off Without You (not too mention EVERY OTHER SONG THEY’VE RELEASED BEING AMAZING). And yet, with each new release they continue to impress. Their eventual debut album is sure to be a stunner.