Songs of the Week 11: May 24 – May 30

gallant#5. Gallant – Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters Cover) //

Well this one was unexpected. Learn to Fly was one of my favourite songs growing up, including having one kickass music video. Don’t know if I could have ever pictured it being spun into a power ballad, but Gallant does what Gallant wants to do. And boy does he do it well.


#4. ALAEV feat. Julia B – Light As A Feather (SoulCircuit Remix) //

This right here is some smooth house music. Not quite enough to get you going at a dance party, but perhaps the perfect song to play while everyone settles in, has a few drinks and breaks the ice. It’s like a dance appetizer.

terry urban#3. A$AP Rocky – L$D (Terry Urban Remix) //

I was at a bar last week that typically plays 90s rock. Suddenly the video for L$D came on. Seems like everyone and their grandmother has heard that song by now, despite the record being out what…maybe a week or two now? I love the track, and it would definitely have made my cut…but I decided to go with Terry Urban’s remix to keep things interesting. If you haven’t heard the original yet, definitely go give it a listen.

a$ap rocky

#2. A$AP Rocky feat. Joe Fox – Holy Ghost

A$AP Rocky’s ALLA is amazing. I could have put quite a few tracks from it on my list this week. Out of all, it’s a close race between L$D and Holy Ghost for my favourite.

Rationale#1. Rationale – Re.Up

Yes. This will do nicely. The moment the song started I was in love. I’m already a fan of Rationale’s other release (Fast Lane), but Re.Up really made me perk up and take notice of these guys. Can’t wait to see what’s next.