Best of the Rest #3 – “Why So Mad?!”

Banks – Drowning

I don’t know if Banks is a household name yet… but if not she should be. I’ve been her biggest fan ever since I heard the sweet sounds of Before I Ever Met You and was even lucky enough to catch her live twice (once being when she opened for The Weeknd on his Canadian tour last year).

She blew me away live. The pessimist in me didn’t expect her voice and seductive sound to translate as well to a live performance, but I’d wager to say her music live is even more powerful than when produced…which brings me to Drowning. It was always one of my favourites, but when I heard it live it completely changed the song for me. The moment that first drop happens, I flashback to the live rendition when everything just went ape-shit bananas. It’s hard to describe, but if you ever get a chance you must check her out live. It’s really something else… and this (in my opinion) is the perfect song to whet your palette.

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