Songs of the Week 18: July 12 – July 18

#5. Vice Feat. Gary Pine & Shayon THEHITMAN- Find A Way (Kayliox Remix) //

I am a sucker for a catchy verse, especially on anthemic dance numbers. Can’t ignore the nice beach/summer theme either.

addal#4. Jasmine Thompson – Adore (Addal Remix) //

This is a very… consistent… song. It’s 4 minutes of what feels like some sad sucker on a hopeless chase for something they’ll never get. There aren’t any highs or lows, no big drops or catchy hooks… just steady goodness and a great for late-night cruising.

obey city#3. Obey City Feat. Kelela – Airy

I’ve been a fan of Kelela for a while now, but this may be the first time I’ve heard her as a featured vocalist on a track (I’m sure it’s not her first feature, I’m just too lazy to research it). It’s it too punny to claim how much I love the “airy” sound of this track? Cause that’s exactly what it is. Airy and atmospheric.

arizona#2. A R I Z O N A – I Was Wrong

Sometimes I listen to I Was Wrong and feel like it’s too repetitive. But then the sadness seeping out of the vocals make me fall in love with it all over again and I turn repeat back on. It’s a simple song, but often enough simple means better. At times it almost feels like the song wants to just let loose and become a club-banger, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some remixes pop out soon that do just that.

frances#1. Frances Feat. R I T U A L – When It Comes To Us

It was a tough choice this week for #1 between Frances and A R I Z O N A. However, my absolute love for R I T U A L (as seen here) put this one over the top. The song is already real strong and Frances is definitely making a name for herself (she strikes me very much as the “new” Ellie Goulding). But what really does it for me is the short spurts sung by R I T U A L. I melt everytime. This week seems to be full of songs that are full of pain, and no one does pain and suffering better than R I T U A L.