Songs of the Week 20: July 26 – August 1


I’ve always been intrigued by HUNTAR’s sound ever since I heard one of his earlier releases (Naked Noises) some time ago. There was that sense of depth and angst there that I tend to like, but SK1N is the first release from him that has completely captured my attention. Reminds me a lot of JMSN.

roy wood$

#4. Roy Wood$ – Get You Good

Quickly moving up the charts of my favourite hip hop artists, Roy Wood$ dropped his EXIS mixtape two days ago and it’s glorious. Get You Good is far and away my standout track, featuring that rhythmic pulsing style of rapping that Roy does best.

nteibint#3. NTEIBINT Feat. Stella – The Owner

If I was casting a movie for this song, it’d be a cafe in some European city that has the charm of the 70s or 80s, but everyone there hates each other. This is blasting in the background as everyone sits alone at their tables, sipping their coffee and pompously judging each other. No one is talking. No one is smiling.

For whatever reason this song exudes judgement, but in the catchiest way possible. I love it.

knocks#2. The Knocks Feat. Fetty Wap & POWERS – Classic

No band does summer festival jams than The Knocks. Classic is hands down one of their best songs, and it becomes even better with a verse from the new popular kid in class Fetty Wap (seriously, he’s everywhere right now). And boy does he KILL IT. As if this song could be any catchier than it was before… It is incredibly well done. Be prepared to love this song all over again.

years & years#1. Years & Years – Ties

I’m hooked and there’s no turning back now. With every listen I’m more and more into Ties by Years & Years. Good vocal play and very singable lyrics make have it stuck in my head in the best way. Communion, their newly released album which both this and Shine are from is a stellar album and a must-listen for anyone wanting some new pop rock to jam to.

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