Songs of the Week 21: August 2 – August 8

ben khan#5. Ben Khan – Blade (Tidal Wave of Love)

I get the sense that Ben Khan isn’t for everyone. He has a very unique sound and definitely could be an acquired taste. That said, if he’s captured your attention once he probably will again. His music is consuming… it grows on you listen after listen until you are hooked. This is the equivalent of musical hypnosis.


#4. Pompeya – Pasadena (Amtrac Remix) //

This song begs to be the background of some movie montage where someone is on a train, watching as the landscapes whiz past and are remembering all the great times they had with a former lover. Then they hit the realization halfway through their ride that they made a mistake, demand to get off the train… and for the last half of the song it’s a mad dash to make it back before their partner is gone forever.

shift k3y

#3. Shift K3Y – 2 Doors

I’m struggling here. Half this song hits a major guilty pleasure nerve. I love the RnB groove of the verse. It’s catchy, sensual and has a real nice sound. But I’m not the biggest fan of the chorus… I don’t really know why but it just doesn’t jive with me. However, I still can’t stop listening… and the way I judge music is by how much I keep hitting play. So far that logic put 2 Doors at #3 this week, and who am I to argue with logic?!?

warren g

#2. Warren G. Feat. Jeezy, Bun B & Nate Dogg – Keep On Hustlin

Well look who is back. Mr Regulate himself. First I must apologize – this soundcloud rip isn’t the greatest quality. It has some hiccups and sound glitches… but I still can’t keep it off this week’s list. I mean not only is Keep on Hustlin straight up groovy Hip Hop, it features Jeezy (who is one of my favs). Looking forward to see what else Warren G. has up his sleeve for his new EP.

bob moses

#1. Bob Moses – Too Much Is Never Enough

Easy winner for top spot this week. Nothing comes close to being as much my favorite as Too Much Is Never Enough (yes, I am taking the high road here and not using the song name as a pun). The second that synth started up I knew it would dominate my listening for the past week. I don’t have much to say really, as if this sound is something you gravitate towards then I expect this to be a home run.