Best of the Rest #9 – “It’s Gonna Be Alright”

Chris Malinchak – So Into You

Back when Chris Malinchak was simply known as Malinchak, he released So Into You… and my god was it (and still is) glorious. It’s not a complex track by any stretch of the imagination (I think there are maybe 20 words in the entire song). But the way it builds into, well, not really anything… the little “it’s gonna be alright” bits…  the feeling of calm over the entire song… it all comes together to create probably one of my all time favorite “chill” songs. Fire this one up, head out to your backyard patio, pop open a beer (or your alternative choice of refreshment) and just bask in soothing sunlight and the tranquil sounds of (Chris) Malinchak. There ain’t much better.