Songs of the Week 24: August 23 – August 29

lnkay2#5. LNKAY – Hurricane

Right from the opening notes you know this is gonna be a power song. I’m horrible at research (aka I’m lazy), so I cannot determine if this is in fact her debut song or not… but if it indeed is I’d say it’s a damn fine starting point.

bitter's kiss#4. Bitter’s Kiss – The Rope

Bitter’s Kiss’ The Rope is like a story. As I listen I feel like someone is recounting an experience they had in the past to me, but in song. It manages to be completely captivating despite not having any real highs or lows…it just kind of floats. Bitter’s Kiss looks to be another to add to the long (and ever growing) list of haunting female vocalists hitting the scene.

gunplay#3. Gunplay Feat. Stalley & Curren$y – Chain Smoking

Was perusing some of Curren$y’s featured tracks when I came across this fantastic track by Gunplay. I’m not sure if it exists, but if it did “chillhop” would be my favourite sub-genre of hip hop. Stuff you blast while cruising along Sunset Blvd (not that I live in LA, but it’s what I envision every time I think of driving to music). While Gunplay and Stalley both sound solid, I get giddy when I hear Curren$y’s patented “da da da da da” before he launched into his verse. Makes me want him to release a Pilot Talk 4 (even though Pilot Talk 3 came out just this year).

mountain bird#2. Mountain Bird – Dream

Starts real slow – but then the clap-along starts up and the songs takes off. From that moment on, the words “I’m still dreaming about your hands” was stuck in my head for days. I also really love the atmospheric feel and sound explosion of the chorus. Dream is made for headphones.

colyer#1. Colyer – Out For You

This week has been ALL OVER THE PLACE. Got some hip hop, some pop, some power ballads and now a good ol’ fashioned country-rock song. Out For You has me hooked with it’s “singability”. Seriously, after only 3 listens I already have the whole song memorized and sing along readily every time it comes up on my playlist. I’m typically not a big country or rock fan, but this one has got me and got me good. The second he belted out “there’s something about the way you hang your legs out that car window”, I knew this would be tops of my list this week.