Songs of the Week 28: September 20 – September 26

babel#5. kiiara – Tennessee (Babel Remix) //

Love how this Babel remix starts out… with the sharp cuts of kiiara vocals and the  hypnotic pounding of piano in the background. I picture a movie scene where some hero is trying frantically to come up with a solution to some huge problem, and we’re cycling through a flashback of all these major moments that happened which are helping the hero piece things together. Very specific songs elicit very specific moments in my mind – go with it.

alex vargas#4. Alex Vargas – Giving Up The Ghost

Love love love the verses of the newest from Alex Vargas. Yea there’s a bit of chopped vocals there, but it’s really the background “aaaaayyyyyyyyyy” that seals the deal. The chorus is a bit of a letdown, but is catchy enough to keep my ears perked until the next following verse.

archy stranger#3. Archy Stranger – Fundamentalism

The debut from Archy Stranger is a fantastic downtempo electronic song. It has the feel of constantly building to a very underwhelming, yet perfect, drop. I’m starting to realize that in addition to warped vocals, I am digging the “vocals in the distance” thing as well.

ritual#2. R I T U A L – Instinct

*Yawn*. Another week, another gorgeous tune from one of my very favorites – R I T U A L. Much like my praise for AQUILO, R I T U A L seem to only release songs that I’m amazed by and I constantly think that the next thing they make will let me down. Fingers crossed that the outstanding music keeps on coming from them.


#1. Voyagers Feat. Matt Hallas – Higher

A very late find this week, yet one that usurped R I T U A L for top spot and pushed out an unfortunate 5th entry into music oblivion (because obviously making my list is what makes or breaks a band these days). Higher is full of energy and has an infectious chorus that just bursts with sound. Also really love the vocals from Matt Hallas – so much so that I’m now going to go listen to everything his band (Glass Caves) has done.

Songs of the Week 27: September 13 – September 19

hoodie allen#5. Hoodie Allen – Let It All Work Out

I have a confession – I’m actually a week behind on all my music posts. I’ve come across so much good stuff over the past few months that I’ve been banking songs for future weeks. So I’m losing some of the “freshness”, but at the end of the day I was never in that race anyway. So while it’s not prudent to say Hoodie Allen released a surprise new jam last week, it is fair to say he released it the week before. Much like his other stuff, it’s a light and fluffy college rap track that should please anyone who’s already a fan of his.

eden#4. EDEN – Wake Up

EDEN is becoming a regular feature on this blog – and honestly I can’t really figure out what it is that draws me in. I think there’s a bit of nostalgia here, as the sounds of desperation and pain really reminds me of a lot of music I used to dig in high school (the Taking Back Sundays, Bright Eyes and Dashboard Confessionals of the world).

freedom fry#3. Freedom Fry – Tropicana

I’m not ashamed to admit that I adore this song simply because of the chorus. It’s unfairly pleasant. I’m also a sucker for songs that give you the “hey ya”… because without a doubt I will sing it back with them. I will “hey ya” that shit all day long, and love every second of it.

aquilo#2. AQUILO – Good Girl

I really don’t get it. I said it before so I’ll say it again – everytime AQUILO release a new song I expect to be let down. It’s not that I don’t believe in their ability to churn out good music, it’s just that I NEVER come across bands that continually release songs that one-up their previous releases. Each successive track has me falling in love with these guys all over again. Good Girl has a bit more dancey-flair to it (especially compared to how sombre and haunting their previous tracks have been), and yet doesn’t lose that AQUILO feel.

chordashian#1. Chordashian – Bye Bye

Ranking 4-2 wasn’t easy this week, but #1 was a slam dunk. I have not been able to stop playing Bye Bye ever since it graced my ears. At first listen I knew it reminded me of something else on my playlist, and I finally found it this morning… the Durante remix of Shells by Laurel. It’s all in the synths and the gloriously bubblegum-popesque female vocals. I’m banking that this one will make a high entry on my top 10 songs list tomorrow.