Best of the Rest #10 – Take a Trip to My House (P.S. We’re Going to Dance)

Mat Zo & Arty – Mozart/House (OVERWERK Mashup) // //

This is now the second Arty-related song I’ve posted in the 10 BOTR’s I’ve done so far. Safe to say Arty is batting at a pretty good clip in terms of what I consider “Must Listen” songs. There have been numerous times over the past two years that this OVERWERK Mashup has been my favourite song, and more often than not it’s when I’m at a dance party and manage to sneakily take over the playlist. It’s singable, it flies at a furious pace and man… when that beat drops 2:30 in… well there’s nothing that will stop me from busting a move. I can vividly remember several of my favourite moments in life dancing to this when my song request finally was played at a party or event, and each time I’m 100% sure I made a fool of myself rocking out to a track that probably no one knew but me.