Songs of the Week 28: September 20 – September 26

babel#5. kiiara – Tennessee (Babel Remix) //

Love how this Babel remix starts out… with the sharp cuts of kiiara vocals and the  hypnotic pounding of piano in the background. I picture a movie scene where some hero is trying frantically to come up with a solution to some huge problem, and we’re cycling through a flashback of all these major moments that happened which are helping the hero piece things together. Very specific songs elicit very specific moments in my mind – go with it.

alex vargas#4. Alex Vargas – Giving Up The Ghost

Love love love the verses of the newest from Alex Vargas. Yea there’s a bit of chopped vocals there, but it’s really the background “aaaaayyyyyyyyyy” that seals the deal. The chorus is a bit of a letdown, but is catchy enough to keep my ears perked until the next following verse.

archy stranger#3. Archy Stranger – Fundamentalism

The debut from Archy Stranger is a fantastic downtempo electronic song. It has the feel of constantly building to a very underwhelming, yet perfect, drop. I’m starting to realize that in addition to warped vocals, I am digging the “vocals in the distance” thing as well.

ritual#2. R I T U A L – Instinct

*Yawn*. Another week, another gorgeous tune from one of my very favorites – R I T U A L. Much like my praise for AQUILO, R I T U A L seem to only release songs that I’m amazed by and I constantly think that the next thing they make will let me down. Fingers crossed that the outstanding music keeps on coming from them.


#1. Voyagers Feat. Matt Hallas – Higher

A very late find this week, yet one that usurped R I T U A L for top spot and pushed out an unfortunate 5th entry into music oblivion (because obviously making my list is what makes or breaks a band these days). Higher is full of energy and has an infectious chorus that just bursts with sound. Also really love the vocals from Matt Hallas – so much so that I’m now going to go listen to everything his band (Glass Caves) has done.