Songs of the Week 32: October 18 – October 24

evalyn#5. EVALYN – The Hills x Nightcall

Kavinsky’s Nightcall was an ear-shattering song. The Weeknd is (currently) a pop-shattering star. EVALYN’s combined both here in a pretty unique spin on mashups. Honestly I was hooked the second she started down the chorus of Nightcall … it will get me every time.

nevr#4. NEVR – Secret Places

Seductive R&B from NEVR in the form of Secret Places. Reminds me a lot of Dornik. Been a while since we had a good baby-making tune grace the weekly charts…

mar#3. MAR – I Could Care Less

After just mentioning how it’d been a dry spell of baby-makin music, I now realize that this week is chalk full of it. Perhaps the sexiest of them all is MAR’s newest track. It has a real 80s vibe going too with the sporadic synths in the background… but really the chorus is really where the song shines for me.

am kidd#2. AM Kidd – If I Could

Some songs make me smile. AM Kidd’s If I Could is one of those songs. Just has a certain charm about it. Makes me think about going on the ferris wheel or something with that certain someone in your life … the feeling of life not getting any better than that moment you are in.

magic city hippies#1. Magic City Hippies – Fanfare

It was not easy to choose top spot this week. Any of Mar, AM Kidd or Magic City Hippies could have been #1. But there must be order, and so I went with the song I’ve played most over the past week. Fanfare is, much like AM Kidd’s If I Could, a track that seems so carefree and fun. I find myself bobbing along to track as it shifts from poppy hip hop to indie rock.

Songs of the Week 31: October 11 – October 17

allure#5. Allure – By Surprise

Think Chris Malinchak. Think The Owner by NTEIBINT, which I shared back on Week 20. Whatever those the vibe of those songs has going for it, Allure comes through with on By Surprise. Some sweet, bouncy disco-esque stuff here.

Gems#4. Gems – W/O U

Super excited for Gems’ debut album later this month. To appease me (obviously), they released W/O U just over a week ago that sounds exactly as you’d hope a Gems song sounds – dreamy and delicate with just a pinch of haunting.

skizzy mars#3. Skizzy Mars Feat. Blackbear – Chemistry

If this was one week later, I have a feeling Chemistry would be my favorite song for that top 5. It has that vibe of a song that just grows on you. Even as I write this (while listening to the Chemistry) I feel like this should be higher. Skizzy Mars is one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t know why I consider him a guilty pleasure, but I do. He has a knack for creating songs that are just so disgustingly singable, usually complete with a “stuck in your head for days” chorus. However, it’s a strong lineup this week and I just don’t think this one has had enough time on my playlist to marinate and pass the top 2 songs.

ACES#2. Aces – I’m Already Gone

Aces used to have the notable distinction of having only one song on their repertoire, and it being possibly one of my favourite songs ever. I was constantly on the lookout for another track, and week by week let down when nothing new showed up on their soundcloud. Then a few months ago came What Do You Think They’ll Say About Me?, and while it wasn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination it didn’t hit me like Find Me Out did. It didn’t make my top 5 that week. However, late last week they released I’m Already Gone, which has me swooning all over again. Everything I loved about Find Me Out is back here, with gorgeous vocals, a slow, almost lullaby like pace and a fantastic finish. I’m a picky guy, and batting at 0.666 clip is probably better than 99% of the other artists I follow.

mccoy#1. McCoy – GoodGirls

I have no idea who this is. His soundcloud page has no links to any facebook or website, and he has no other songs to his credit. There’s not even any description on his soundcloud page about who he is or what he’s all about. What there is, though, is GoodGirls; a banging hip-hop/electro track that is made for clubbing and dance parties everywhere. Certain songs make me wish I was a DJ (not the producing type – although that’d be amazing – but the type that plays at parties and events) because frankly I love dancing to my own music… and no one ever seems to know my favourite songs at any event I go to.