Songs of the Week 30: October 4 – October 10

kiiara#5. kiiara – Intention

kiiara’s been a blog darling ever since she released Gold, and for good reason – her sound is unique and creative. I’m loving the grime-filled Intention. It’s also got some incredibly smooth, pseudo-hip hop verses.

beverley ely#4. Beverley Ely – Sometimes (Take Me Away)

This, for me anyway, is pure guilty-pleasure power pop. Came across Beverley Ely after hearing her new single Back to the Start, but it was Sometimes (Take Me Away) that caught my attention. I do love me a song full of desperation.

gia koka#3. Gia Koka Feat. Maydien – Fly-By-Night

This one kid of hit me out of no where. I was not expecting a gritty Hip Hop/RnB track out of Gia Koka, despite some of her earlier releases having a bit of hip hop bend to them. It works though, and it’s wonderful.

disclosure#2. Disclosure Feat. Lorde – Magnets

My favorite track from Disclosure’s stellar release Caracal is easily the Lorde-featured Magnets. The whole song sounds a bit fractured to me, but that good-type of fractured. Ever section of the song has a unique sound to it, and they all have me grooving in their own little ways.

knites#1. KNITES – Could Have Lied

That chorus though. I like to imagine that right before the chorus starts, the singer’s mouth goes numb cause he was at the dentist earlier and so he can’t quite spit out the words perfectly. But being the cool dudes they are, they just roll with it. It’s amazing and I love it. The “mumbliness” compliments an extremely tight-sounding rock jam. I think I said a week or two ago that there really isn’t anything better than a good old fashioned indie rock song…