Best of the Rest #12 – Seriously TDCC… Where Are You Guys?! (Come Back Please)

Two Door Cinema Club – Sun

I’ve been to many a show in my short-but-not-so-short lifetime. However, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a song live than I was for Sun. If you know TDCC (Two Door Cinema Club), you know that they play a brand of infectious pop rock. Almost every song is upbeat and jumpy. I expected their show would be an energy-filled affair. I expected to dance my pants off for the 1-2 hour set. What I didn’t expect was that was that every single person in the crowd would sing along to every single song that was played. Not just a hardcore group at the front. Even the “too cool for school” dudes chilling at the back were belting it out.

Sun is far and away my favorite TDCC song, and if anything I hope it inspires the somewhat dormant TDCC to head out on another tour soon… it’s well overdue (like seriously – where are you guys at?!).