Songs of the Week 32: October 18 – October 24

evalyn#5. EVALYN – The Hills x Nightcall

Kavinsky’s Nightcall was an ear-shattering song. The Weeknd is (currently) a pop-shattering star. EVALYN’s combined both here in a pretty unique spin on mashups. Honestly I was hooked the second she started down the chorus of Nightcall … it will get me every time.

nevr#4. NEVR – Secret Places

Seductive R&B from NEVR in the form of Secret Places. Reminds me a lot of Dornik. Been a while since we had a good baby-making tune grace the weekly charts…

mar#3. MAR – I Could Care Less

After just mentioning how it’d been a dry spell of baby-makin music, I now realize that this week is chalk full of it. Perhaps the sexiest of them all is MAR’s newest track. It has a real 80s vibe going too with the sporadic synths in the background… but really the chorus is really where the song shines for me.

am kidd#2. AM Kidd – If I Could

Some songs make me smile. AM Kidd’s If I Could is one of those songs. Just has a certain charm about it. Makes me think about going on the ferris wheel or something with that certain someone in your life … the feeling of life not getting any better than that moment you are in.

magic city hippies#1. Magic City Hippies – Fanfare

It was not easy to choose top spot this week. Any of Mar, AM Kidd or Magic City Hippies could have been #1. But there must be order, and so I went with the song I’ve played most over the past week. Fanfare is, much like AM Kidd’s If I Could, a track that seems so carefree and fun. I find myself bobbing along to track as it shifts from poppy hip hop to indie rock.