Songs of the Week 34: November 1 – November 7

mylko#5. mylko – Animal

Getting major Animal Collective My Girls vibes here. Fuzzy, somewhat shoegazey rock that takes you on a bit of a non-LSD-induced trip.

tender#4. Tender – Belong

I haven’t quiet figured this one out yet. I know I like it. I just don’t know why or how much. There’s definitely something there though that draws me into hitting play over and over. Might be the first song I’ve ever considered describing as “intriguing”.

jojee#3. Jojee – Claim

Little more on the catchy side of things with Jojee’s Claim for #3 on the list this week. I’ve come to accept that along with warped vocals, I also love me some good repetition…which we have in spades here with that rockin bridge and addictive chorus.

GEMS#2. GEMS – Heartbreaker

Gems released their debut album relatively recently (Kill The One You Love), and one of my favourite previously unreleased songs from that album was the brooding Heartbreaker. Totally digging the contrast between the heavy chorus and the 180 spin back into the soft verse. I tend to overdo my love for AQUILO & R I T U A L, but looking back at the past year I’ve kinda realized just how kickass Gems have been. If you at all are digging Heartbreaker, no doubts you’d enjoy a good chunk of their album. One of those bands with a real consistent sound.

aquilo#1. AQUILO – Never Seen You Get So Low

It’s AQUILO. I’ve shared enough words of love for them by now that nothing else I could say would do this song justice.