Songs of the Week 35: November 8 – November 14

Movement#5. Movement – 5.57

Movement are back with a newly released demo track, Lace (spoiler alert – it will be coming up in this week’s list). I’d given Movement’s Soundcloud page a perusal before, and for whatever reason nothing really stuck with me. Lace gave me a cause to return to their page and this time fall in love with their entire library. One of the previously missed tracks was 5.57.

Ty dolla sign#4. Ty Dolla $ign Feat. Brandy, James Fauntleroy & Kendrick Lamar- LA

This here is basically the perfect example of how to make a radio-friendly hip hop… and I’m totally cool with it. Plus it has Kendrick Lamar. Anything with Kendrick Lamar in it is an auto-listen in my books.

elias#3. Elias – Green Eyes

Loving the changing pace of Green Eyes from Elias, as well as the dominating vocals. Seeing as this is only one of two songs (that I can find), I’m looking forward to future releases from Elias. Hoping for more of this brooding, orchestral sounding R&B.

movement#2. Movement – Lace

Sensual sadness here with the second entry from Movement on this week’s list. I’m a big fan of minimalistic sound… and it’s a rare treat when a band can go minimalistic but still convey some pretty deep emotions. Think R I T U A L here.

weekender#1. Weekender – Floaty Feeling, Blue

What better way to finish off a somewhat despair-filled list of “woe is me” songs than to do a 180 into some hazy indie pop. Have only had a few listens of this track from Weekender, but I’m already sold on the killer transition from verse to chorus.