Songs of the Week 36: November 15- November 21

joe hertz

#5. Joe Hertz Feat. Huntar – Tied Up

Confident that this has been the toughest week yet to choose my rankings. Every single song this week is worthy of being a #1, and had they not all been discovered this week would likely all take the top spot in almost any other week. Joe Hertz’s Tied Up has some silky smooth vocals from Huntar that give it a great bedroom music feel. That way he croons the line “Now I’ve got you on my mind” is shiver-inducing.

devolution#4. DEVolution Feat. Yeah Boy – Gio

I’m fully into this sound now. I am not too sure what it is … melodic progressive house? Radio-friendly house? Whatever it is, the pulsing beat, light on lyrical-depth stuff from Dusky, Kolomensky, Bob Moses and now DEVolution (as well as Fono, which is the… *spoiler* … #1 spot this week) is amongst my very favourite music right now. It’s just so catchy.

kingdm#3. KINGDM – Can’t Get Over You

It actually pains me to have to put this at #3. Hell, it’s pained my to put everyone song not #1 this week. KINGDM have a gem here with a song I’ve been dancing too all week. Also worth noting is that it’s their debut – which excites me greatly. I love it when an act’s first track is an straight-up homerun. I mean just listen to that guitar lick in the chorus… mmmmmmmmm.

catphone#2. catphone – u s e d t o

To be totally honest, this one wasn’t love at first listen. But goddamn I’m hooked now. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a song paced like this before. It may be the warped vocals (which, regular readers know that I LOVE), but the whole thing just sounds like pure panic. Like a mad scramble to beat the streetlights as you rush your in-labour wife to the hospital, racing past stopped signs and darting through traffic.

Fono#1. Fono Feat. Anna Straker – Everybody Knows

When I originally wrote this post last night, I had Everybody Knows by Fono at #4. Since then I have been unable unable to turn it off. There’s something in about the simple stream of vocals that has me hooked. Originally I felt that all songs this week were on a pretty even level, but overnight this one was won me over. What a fucking amazing week of music.