Best of the Rest #14 – The Man With The Voice

James Blake – Retrograde

James Blake commands your attention. His voice hits you before anything else really has a chance to catch your ears. When I went to see him live I expected a good show, but honestly had my doubts he’d sound as amazing live as he does in studio. Well, it’s better… a million times better. When it was time for the encore, James asked everyone for complete silence. He started looping his sounds. Of course, during the first bit of his loop recording some jackass decided to yell out. The glare that Mr. Blake gave him, followed by the resounding threats from the crowd for the dude to keep his mouth shut, meant that the next 10 minutes of this somewhat experimental encore track (it was NOT Retrograde above, that just happens to be my favourite James Blake track) was nothing but music. No yells, no crowd noise… nothing but the piano and the voice. I usually hate encores – I find it a bit gimmicky – but this made me think there is still some value in an artist coming back and just giving er with off-the-record stuff to end a night.

Enjoy probably his most popular track above, and definitely do what you can to ever catch his live show.