Songs of the Week 38: November 29 – December 5


#5. Curren$y Feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Superstar

Da da dada da dada da da. Curren$y is back (although to be honest it’s not like he was gone very long). My favourite track off of his Canal Street Confidential is the Ty Dolla $ign featured Superstar. I’d say this album was more radio-ready than most of the earlier stuff Curren$y has released, but it still has that easygoing vibe that makes him so damn easy to listen to.

Jarryd-James#4. Jarryd James – Sure Love

This sounds a lot like a pop-star in the making here with Jarryd James and his third release (of the four he currently has on his soundcloud). Catchy, solid vocals and great rhythm all comes together in a real nice poppy, RnB track.

romcom#3. RomCom – Fast Forward Rewind

If you need a little 80s back in your life (or maybe early 90s, but the non-grungey part of the early 90s), then RomCom has you covered with their debut single. It’s gorgeous and pure nostalgia.

smoke season#2. Smoke Season – Loose

Not only is the video powerful, but the song has this sense of command in it. It’s another track that I feel like is just waiting to explode in sound as it builds, and then it… doesn’t. It just ends, and it ends leaving me wanting more (but wanting in more in a very good way).

noella#1. Noella Nix – Holding On

Been a very poppy week of music apparently (outside of Curren$y, altho I’d even argue that was poppy hip hop). To be honest I am not too sure why I love Holding On so much, but there’s something in the sound that has me addicted.