Best of the Rest #15 – I’m Covered By Artistic Freedom… Right?!

Kendrick Lamar – A.D.H.D.

I struggle with how far I’m allowed to go with hip hop. I’ve been to Childish Gambino live (twice). I’ve seen Kendrick Lamar live. I’ve seen the Weeknd live. Can I say ALL the words?! Am I covered by some sort of magical “artistic expression” clause or something? Regardless, I never do. I mumble. Oh trust me, I know all the words… but I mumble some specific parts. It’s probably for the best.

With the wealth of bubble gum pop and indie rock that’s been populating my blog for the last few weeks, I felt like some hip hop was needed to balance things out. Before Kendrick Lamar was winning grammy’s left and right he was releasing, well, non-grammy winning (but equally amazing) stuff. Among that stuff is my favourite Kendrick track, A.D.H.D. His delivery is so smooth… and yet the song has a real eerie, unsettling feeling to it. So good.