Best of the Rest #16 -So I Guesssssss This Is Christmas

Pelifics – Something Special

Christmas is the one time of the year where I always feel that the classics are the best. A lot of artists will put out their own versions of traditional tunes (or perhaps whip something brand new for the season), but perhaps nostalgia just wins over for me. I never like any of it. I almost avoid blogs and new music entirely for the period between the 20th and 26th.

A few years ago though, Pelifics released a charming little dance track titled Xmas Song (Something Special). Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate it anywhere online anymore. However, Pelifics still have their original track, Something Special, available online…which is essentially the same version without some of the added seasonal flair. In my mind it still has a little holiday-ness to it, but can also be played for those family dance parties that spontaneously break out when grandma has had a little too much rum and egg nog.

Happy holidays to everyone, and stay safe!!