Songs of the Week 42: January 3 – January 9

kharfi#5. Skrillex – Stranger (Kharfi Remix) //

Amongst the many remixes that have emerged for Stranger over the past few weeks, Kharfi’s take on it is by far my favorite. The chill vibe gives me a bit of a Deadmau5 feel.

m e r c e#4. WatchTheDuck – Making Luv To The Beat (M E R C E Remix) //

This song feels like cheating. I mean, how can you not want to sing along with those lyrics. WatchTheDuck have been one of my favorite acts since the release of Poppin’ Off, and this remix brings their one of their newest singles to a whole new level of sexy.

alex vargas#3. Alex Vargas – Shackled Up

The way the holidays fell (plus my decision to do a feature post last weekend) has meant that I’ve had 2 weeks of new music to build my top five weekly list. As such, a song like Alex Vargas’ Shackled Up SHOULD be top song. It’s killer. Was a very difficult decision between this week’s best three songs, so let’s just pretend it’s a 1a, 1b, 1c scenario. I love the raw emotion going with this one… especially during the last minute or so.

Sevnth-Wonder#2. SevnthWonder Feat. Deverano – Maria I’m Drunk (Travi$ Scott Remix) //

I love me some Travi$ Scott, but holy hell does SevnthWonder turn this track into a legit bedroom jam. I haven’t been able to stop playing this one for the last two weeks (in fact I’ve probably played it more than the #1 song this week). Deverano’s vocals really shine here as well.

mood robot#1. Raven Zoe – Lovelorn Letter (MOOD ROBOT Remix) //

Honestly, even if this song was only the ridiculous 1:00 intro before we hear any lyrics I’d have made it my #1 song. I am absolutely in love with the space-y, atmospheric things that MOOD ROBOT have done to Lovelorn Letter. The warped vocals (a personal favorite of mine in any song) also help. BUT GOD DAMN THAT INTRO. I want to be able to just play that on repeat for hours on end.