Songs of the Week 44: January 17 – January 23

clavvs#5. CLAVVS – Leviathan

CLAVVS, the band that tries to trick you into thinking that their name is “Claws”, released Leviathan just over a week ago (yeah yeah, I have a bit of a backlog going… just wait til you see next week!!). It’s brooding, and it’s sultry.

milk n cooks#4. Lauv – Reforget (Milk N Cooks Remix) //

Already expressed me adoration for Lauv’s Reforget here. Now we get the slightly dancier version courtesy of Milk N Cooks. Another one of those songs that feels like it should just explode into an anthem-banger, but never quite does. Just oneeeee big tease.

swell#3. swell Feat. Shiloh – I’m Sorry

This one is so chill and casual that you won’t even know it’s playing (which are not traditionally the hallmarks of a good song, but it works here). Carried by a foot-tapping beat and some fantastic vocals.

durante#2. Zimmer Feat. Emilie Adams- Escape (Durante Remix) //

This one feels a bit weird for a #2 spot. Definitely a track that hits a specific niche and won’t appeal to the masses. But hey, it’s my site and I get to do what I want… and what I want to keep playing this song.

bobby green#1. Bobby Green Feat. Whitney Phillips – Lights

From a niche-track to one made for top 40. Lights is radio-ready, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Catchy, light-hearted and easy to listen to. Plus, it gets me dancing (although that’s not exactly hard to do).