Songs of the Week 44: January 17 – January 23

clavvs#5. CLAVVS – Leviathan

CLAVVS, the band that tries to trick you into thinking that their name is “Claws”, released Leviathan just over a week ago (yeah yeah, I have a bit of a backlog going… just wait til you see next week!!). It’s brooding, and it’s sultry.

milk n cooks#4. Lauv – Reforget (Milk N Cooks Remix) //

Already expressed me adoration for Lauv’s Reforget here. Now we get the slightly dancier version courtesy of Milk N Cooks. Another one of those songs that feels like it should just explode into an anthem-banger, but never quite does. Just oneeeee big tease.

swell#3. swell Feat. Shiloh – I’m Sorry

This one is so chill and casual that you won’t even know it’s playing (which are not traditionally the hallmarks of a good song, but it works here). Carried by a foot-tapping beat and some fantastic vocals.

durante#2. Zimmer Feat. Emilie Adams- Escape (Durante Remix) //

This one feels a bit weird for a #2 spot. Definitely a track that hits a specific niche and won’t appeal to the masses. But hey, it’s my site and I get to do what I want… and what I want to keep playing this song.

bobby green#1. Bobby Green Feat. Whitney Phillips – Lights

From a niche-track to one made for top 40. Lights is radio-ready, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Catchy, light-hearted and easy to listen to. Plus, it gets me dancing (although that’s not exactly hard to do).

Songs of the Week 43: January 10 – January 16

harriet#5. Harriet – Bring Me When You Go

Ugh. This is going to bother me. These guys remind me, to a T, of someone. Whomever it is, I’m sure they are awesome cause this song is awesome. Catchy, well-written lyrics. Basically, the recipe to a brilliant, easy-to-listen to indie pop song.

nomad#4. nomad – I Wanna Give You Everything

This one is best served with the volume up. Some songs just sound better when they are pushing the boundaries of being “too loud”. This is one of those songs. Not quite enough here to really get you in full-dance mode, but this is perhaps a great way to warm up. You know, the song that makes me people think “hey, maybe it’s gonna be a dance party tonight”.

raveena#3. break & Raveena – I’m Your Girl //

On first listen, Raveena’s flow just didn’t sound right. My mind wasn’t expecting the direction she kept taking with her sound. Now, after a good 10-15 listens, I cannot picture it sounding any different. It’s perfect. Break’s production is gorgeous, and Raveena’s voice bounces along beautifully.

tom rowlands#2. New Order – Tutti Frutti (Tom Rowlands Remix) //

Tom Rowlands (of Chemical Brother’s fame) transforms this killer New Order song (one of their newer tracks) by highlighting the ridiculously catchy lyrics. At least, that’s the highlight for me. I admittedly never really listening to much New Order growing up, but I can appreciate their sound and the tweaks Rowlands made to this to almost bring out all the parts that make New Order who they are. Does that make sense? I’m not sure, but I’m going to go with it anyway.

penguin prison#1. The Knocks Feat. Matthew Koma- I Wish (My Taylor Swift) (Penguin Prison Remix) //

This one shouldn’t be number one. At least I don’t think it should. But honestly, I cannot stop playing it. That one line… “Summertime, in Los Angeles”… it’s so brilliant. Songs, for me anyway, often come down to a moment. Something in the song that makes me smile, or that makes me lose my shit dancing… just something. If I was out partying and this song came on, I’m on the dance floor. I don’t care if it’s by myself, but the second that line comes on there will be an awkward white dude with no moves out there making a fool of himself. Penguin Prison was actually one of my very first “new music” loves, and I’m glad to see that he’s still creating some amazing stuff. The Knocks? Well, they are the kings of catchy, festival-ready pop rock. This song is no different (with or without the Penguin Prison edits). UGH. I SHOULDN’T LIKE THIS.