Songs of the Week 48: February 14 – February 20

win & woo#5. Brandyn Burnette – Made of Dreams (Win & Woo x Kiso Remix) // //

Another in the line of “Must listen to whilst driving” tracks, ideally somewhere along a coastline during the summer time. The bouncing chorus just demands it.

mija#4. DJ Snake Feat. Bipolar Sunshine – Middle (Mija Remix) //

I thought I was so done with Middle. It’s one of those songs that has such a distinct feel that if you happen to listen to it too much, it wears stale. Fast. I was also done with all the remixes. Then along came Mija, and managed to give the song new life for me.

wdl#3. WDL Feat. Mawe – Hurricane Highlife

This is the second Hurricane-titled track in three weeks! Weird. Can’t quite pinpoint why this one gets me, but it does. Might be the catchy, hip hop-esque lyrics. Might be the constant feeling of building momentum. Not sure. Love it though.

suspect 44#2. Suspect 44 x Soar – Fall For You //

I almost turned this one off after the first 10 seconds. As a friend described it, “it sounds like robots having sex”. But then, out of nowhere, it becomes absolutely beautiful. I went through a HUGE melodic house phase 5 or 6 years ago, and this one brings me back. Actually makes me want to get into it again, as the minute or so after the :40 second mark are just gorgeous.

tyler the creator#1. Tyler, The Creator Feat. Kali Urchis and Austin Feinstein – Perfect

Tyler is so weird. Odd thing is, I love odd music… but his I could never get into. That is, until this version of Perfect came out featuring vocals from Kali Uchis and Austin Feinstein. I wish it was a bit longer, and actually am not a huge fan of Austin’s bit… but I still can’t stop listening.