Songs of the Week 47: February 7 – February 13

ali robertson#5. Ali Robertson – Something About Your Love

A lovely debut from Ali Robertson (was actually a few weeks ago, but I’m still working through a backlog). This is a real strong pop track that makes me think we’ll be hearing more great things from Mr. Robertson in the near future.

ember island#4. Ember Island – Need You

The chorus of this one is gorgeous. The way they cut out the vocals and create the tape-deck sound of old. MMMMMMM. As much as I love this track (which I do), I feel like it’s also due for a remix. All the components of this song are just begging to be mixed up in a blender and re-imagined.

trapo#3. Trapo – Sobriety

I do not remember who to thank, but wherever I stubled upon Bad Gal … you introduced me to the Mick-Jenkins sounding vibes of Trapo. While Bad Gal is a stellar track in it’s own right, Sobriety is the one that most caught my attention. Any hip hop that can get me bobbing along is a surefire winner in my books.

bleu toucan#2. Bleu Toucan – Le Chant du Cygne

ACK. Is this not some of the loveliest, breakbot-esque French disco you’ve heard in the past few months? The crooning “ooohs” in the background, the pulsing piano, the gentle lyrics… it even have some layered vocals near the end. SO NICE.

james blake#1. James Blake – Modern Soul

Before I even hit play I was pretty sure this would be my favourite song of the week. I also moved it up to the top of the queue, bypassing a whole whack of songs sitting in my backlog that I haven’t gushed about yet. BUT C’MON. It’s James Blake. The man with the voice. Lovely voice aside, there’s something in James Blake’s music that draws me (and millions others apparently) in. His songs are often a bit “off beat” and have me struggling to time my swaying in proper rhythm. He is a master of off-tempo, and this one is a great example. I’m just fascinated by that one piano note he hits just a fraction of a second earlier than expected. I can’t help but focus on it every time I listen to this… and because I’ve been obsessed with it, that’s been quite often. I can totally see this song being looped during a live show. Speaking of which… James, you need to come to Vancouver and play ASAP.

Songs of the Week 46: January 31 – February 6

argo&wasp#5. argonaut&wasp – Higher Ground

It took a re-introduction to the silky smooth sounds of argonaut&wasps’ Higher Ground for me to be sold. I’ve been a fan of a few other argo&wasp songs (yea we’re totally buddies like that so I call them argo&wasp. No big deal). (Ok no we aren’t actually buddies. But guys, just saying… I’m totally open to an offer. You seem like cool gents). If this doesn’t get you slightly swaying in your seat then you, sir or madam, are soulless.

the hour

#4. The Hour – No One’s Going to Heaven

Another in the long line of mysterious bands. No Soundcloud (that I can find). Their contact page is just a phone number. But honestly, if this wasn’t such a stacked week where I’m a bit backed up with songs from a few weeks ago… well, this could have been a #1 of the week type tune. Got a real nice gritty vibe going here.

lvndscape#3. LVNDSCAPE & Holland Park Feat. Nico Santos – Waterfalls //

On first listen a week or two ago, I was convinced this was going to be my favorite song of the week. Hell, it took like, maybe 10 seconds and I was completely hooked. Alas, I’ve happened upon so many amazing tracks in the last week that I couldn’t do it. So instead, this sits unfairly at #3. But man is it good. Not a HUGE fan of the lyrics (but honestly, I rarely listen to lyrics closely anyway)… but that synth blows me away. It’s this weird combination of tropical, RnB and dance. I can’t really tell what I’m supposed to do. Do I dance? Do I ponder life? Do I cry? WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

wolfgang gartner#2. Wolfgang Gartner Feat. Dam Funk & E-40 – Hurricane Slurricane

It REALLY REALLY bothers me that I have to put this at #2. I have been dancing my ass off to this track all week. I mean, it has Dam Funk in it!!! The way he belts out his hook reminds me so much of everything I loved about 90’s pop. For some reason it just evokes some sort of Backstreet Boys vibe. Which leads me to an interesting conclusion I came to this past week – one day the Backstreet Boys just became cool. I grew up with the rebirth of the boy band era (BSB, N’Sync, 98 Degrees etc.). When you are a high school male, you are preconditioned to just hate that stuff. Then, one day… similar to how socks and underwear become the best xmas gifts ever when you turn 25, BSB just became awesome. If I go out clubbing or dancing, I’m not happy until Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) comes on. BUT, I digress. This tune isn’t just nostalgia-inducing… it’s a goddamn party compressed into a delicious 2:56 seconds. I’m sorry Wolfgang Gartner… I know it disappoints you that you couldn’t be #1 this week. It disappoints me. Let’s call it timing. Any other week you are my top jam, no questions asked.

shy girls#1. Shy Girls – Without

I am a HUGE Shy Girls fan. He’s got that sultry thing down like no other. However, somehow I missed out on Without. I don’t know what happened. Well, I do – it’s not on his Soundcloud (which is how I consume and discover 95% of my music). The reason I have this above Wolfgang Gartner above is that I’m a huge sucker for a good babymakin track. It’s my ultimate guilty pleasure. I am the least sexy guy alive, but boy I fall hard for bedroom jams. I don’t really know why. In the privacy of my apartment I belt this track out like no one can hear me (mostly because I don’t think anyone can hear me… if they can, well I now know why none of my neighbours talk to me in the elevator. I always thought it was because I don’t have a dog…). Listen to this and tell me it doesn’t put you in the mood. I dare you.