Songs of the Week 51: March 6 – March 12

j.normal#5. j.normal – Alight

Hypnotic synths made it pretty much impossible for me to not have this on my list after stumbling upon it earlier this week. Another one of those tracks that has me constantly hitting play, but yet not quite sure what about the track I love so much.

ggfo#4. Great Good Fine Ok – Already Love

Brilliant indie pop here. I was already a huge GGFO supporter, and this is easily my favourite of theirs to date.

innerspace orchestra#3. Innerspace Orchestra – One Way Glass

All the songs this week are one’s that kinda crept up on me. Usually I know within seconds of a song’s initial listen whether I’ll like it or not (or at the very least, if I’ll have a chance at liking it). Most of the tracks this week have been on the “I’ll give it a shot” list, and then before I knew it I was playing them over and over.

jahkoy#2. JAHKOY – Heart Smile

Dunno how I missed this one!! Been a huge fan of JAHKOY’s stuff – you can almost hear how much fun he’s having making music in his songs. Heart Smile is the perfect “at home dance song” for those nights when the rain outside is too heavy and the night clubs are just too far away.

joe hertz#1. Joe Hertz Feat. Amber-Simone – Stay Lost

Let’s finish up this week with some sexy RnB shall we? Joe Hertz has been absolutely killing it recently, and his latest collab with Amber-Simone is wonderfully seductive. But let’s be honest now, that guitar lick during the chorus is what drives this bus. This sexy, sexy bus.

Songs of the Week 50: February 28 – March 5

cape cub#5. Cape Cub – Closer

A somber start to week 50. Cape Cub’s Closer is a guitar-driven, lyrically-catchy song that, despite just sounding so damn sad, has me continually coming back for more. Maybe I’m just a glutton for despair.

pop etc#4. POP ETC – I Wanted to Change the World But the World Changed Me

I always had a soft spot for The Morning Benders. However, I haven’t been too into any of their music since the name change to POP ETC… that is, until this track. To be honest, if not for the hook before chorus it probably wouldn’t have made my top 5. But, as it stands, I’m a sucker for little bits of songs that get stuck in my head. And in this one, “like youuuuuuuuu” is something that hasn’t left my head all week.

golden coast#3. Annabel Jones – IOU (Golden Coast Remix) //

Boy, it’s been a while since a god warped-vocals track has come across my metaphorical musical desk. It’s perhaps my ultimate musical vice. If a track has some sort of warped vocal, I will probably dig it. Probably helps that 90% of tracks with warped vocals are awesome to dance to. Golden Coasts’ spin on IOU is definitely no different. It’s also in my sweet spot for song length (under 3 minutes, above 2:30).

midnight to monaco#2. Midnight to Monaco – One In A Million

This is basically Cape Cub Closer‘s sister song. It’s got that same pulsing feel, but with less despair and a bit more dance. Real unique sound here in my humble opinion.

sebastian mikael#1. Sebastian Mikael – Thinkin’ About You Girl

I must have missed that part where Sebastian Mikael not only released more music, but a whole goddamn album. I remember coming across him a few years ago when he had maybe one or two tracks on his Soundcloud. I remember following him closely for a good few months, waiting patiently for new tracks that he had said he was working on. Bupkis. I gave up. Lucky for me I stumbled across a music video of his for a new song (LA LA Land) and was more than delighted to see he has released a whole whack of music in the period between me giving up and now. Being the sucker I am for a good RnB love song, Thinkin’ About You Girl is easily my favorite track from his album Speechless.