Songs of the Week 54: March 27 – April 2

flin#5. Celia Pavey – Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz Cover) (Wylen & Flin Remix) // //

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Celia Pavey’s gorgeous cover of a classic, do that. Now. Then come back and listen to the twist Wylen & Flin have put on the track. It gives it a bit more bounce, and almost infuses a bit more Gorillaz sound back into the song to complement Pavey’s lovely vocals.

yesyou#4. YesYou Feat. Kane Mazlin- Get Up, Get Down

The result of discovering YesYou last week was that I was introduced to Get Up, Get DownA nice little ditty that is just at that edge of “dance party” to probably not quite make your dancing playlist… but perfect for a warm up.

morly#3. Morly – Plucky

This is the epitome of a track that you cannot get out of your head once you’ve heard it for the first time. I wasn’t enamoured with Plucky at first listen by any means… but it haunted me. I succumbed. I realize when defeat when I see it, and now I play this one non-stop.

thomston#2. Thomston x Wafia – Window Seat //

This is just a nice, well-mannered track. The kind you’d bring home to your parents and be proud of. It’s also one of those tracks that basically has me addicted because of one line/moment. “You’ve got me paralyzed from the waist up”. So catchy. So very well done.

a.k. paul#1. A.K. Paul – Landcruisin’

This song is way too cool for me. I realize that. But man there’s something about it… I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s because I realize it’s too cool for me that makes me like it more. Like the moment you only find that special someone attractive when you realize they are in a relationship and can’t have them anymore. That’s what this is. Except it’s a song. But other than that… totally the same thing.