Songs of the Week 56: April 10 – April 16

mason#5. Mighty Mi Feat. Grand Puba – Shake With Me (Mason Remix) //

Starting this week off with pace. Mason gets you off the couch with his remix of Shake With Me by Mighty Mi.

elior#4. Elior Feat. Sarah Monti – My Eyes

The dance party continues with the latest from Elior. This is very much “same same but different” as Mason’s remix above. Dance elements that take advantage of catchy vocals and repetition.

matt black#3. Matt Black  – Moving On

At the time I first heard this song (which, as I hinted at last week, came at the same time as I heard Mr. Black’s other song Riot) I was convinced it’d be this week’s top song. Alas, 2 challengers appeared last minute and instead we sit here at #3. This reminds me a lot of JMSN (which you best get ready for…) and a bit of Allan Rayman. Soulful and gritty.

jmsn#2. JMSN – Most of All

I am a HUGE fan of JMSN’s sound. He’s so good at layering his vocals to created a real full sound that has me bobbing along the entire time. Of the 13 tracks I have gracing my “favorites” playlist from JMSN alone, Most of All actually sits as my favourite track (and this isn’t just “shiny new toy” syndrome…). Looking forward to future release of It Is like no other.

lido#1. Lido – Crazy

This here is one of the rare times I’ll post a video instead of Soundcloud link when both exist. This video is absolutely amazing. It’s basically my dream. I want to be Lido in this video (which, he directed himself). I’m so so jealous. I love everything about this song, but to me nothing tops the section from about 0:43 to 1:30. The way he cuts the vocals in with the beat from the opening is unfairly catchy.