Songs of the Week 59: May 1 – May 7

ali robertson#5. Ali Robertson – Crazy

Nice little pop song from Ali Robertson for his follow up to Something About Your Love. Well built and ready for the radio.

sterling grove#4. Sterling Grove Feat.  Ellyn Woods – Sound of Home (Snowmass Remix) //

Love the deep house vibes that Soundmass have injected into Sterling Grove’s Sound of Home. Pump your speakers up and make sure that bass is maxed out as this one is heavy.

chrome sparks#3. Chrome Sparks Feat. Steffaloo – So Far 2 Go

So I MAAYYYYY be a tad late on this one. Ok I’m four years late. But hey, better late than never.

tobi lou#2. Tobi Lou – Game Ova

Came across Tobi a few weeks ago when Hopefully was released (check out the his Soundcloud above to hear that track), but Game Ova was the song I kept coming back to. Incredibly catchy with a nice, delicate… almost playful flow.

jenaux#1. Jenaux – Get It On

This is dirty electro at it’s finest. I feel like if Michael Jackson came back to us and decided to become a DJ, this is what he’d make (or maybe it’s just the MJ-sounding vocal samples used in this track that have me thinking that). When that drop at 1:00 happens, shit gets real. Loving this so much.