Songs of the Week 61: May 15 – May 21

biggie smiles#5. BiGGiE SMiLES Feat. Mylen – We Wanted Love

Easy listening dance pop starts to start this week, topped off by some fantastic vocals from Mylen. I’m new to BiGGiE SMiLES (and Mylen for that matter), so colour me impressed.

khary#4. Khary – 2AM Thirst Ballad

Khary has been on a tear recently and is poised to become the next big thing in hip hop. What I love most about Khary is how versatile he is – each song has different pace and different flow – and there is some ingenuity in the way he rhymes. Rap these days can feel real formulaic, so it’s nice to see some new sounds.

stelouse#3. Chiefs & Nick Acquroff – Inside Out (Louis The Child & SteLouse Remix) // //

Dubstep as a genre has really quieted down (somewhat aided by the emergence of trap). Two years ago you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing wobbles. It was the flavour of the day for a good year, and now it’s fallen back down into a sub-genre that still has some great stuff being made, but just not quite as in-your-face as it used to be. While cruising through Soundcloud the other day I came across this remix by SteLouse & Louis the Child that turns Inside Out into a banging melodic dubstep/trap track. Brings me back. Brings me back two years.

sam wills#2. Sam Wills – Light On Me

The newest from Sam Wills has me thinking a bit of John Mayer. Soft rock driven by a pleasant melody and great vocals… but what absolutely slays me every time are the luscious strings in the chorus. Strings…always the best, and always gorgeous.

yeo#1. Yeo Feat. Sessility – Solo

Song of the week goes to a… reggae-pop fusion track? I can’t quite tell where to place this, but what I can say is that the lyrics are brilliantly written and brilliantly paced. It’s a generally charming track with enough to keep your attention, but the pacing and catchiness of the lyrics is really what sells it for me.