Songs of the Week 64: June 5- June 11

otherside#5. Otherside – Blowback

This is the first week that I’ll confidently say the rankings don’t matter. Nothing stuck out to me as head and shoulders better than anything and instead we have five tracks I feel are all equally great listens. Starting off is a soulful jam from Otherside with a real sensual feel to it.

betty who#4. Betty Who – I Love You Always Forever

Carried almost entirely by an impressive vocal performance, I Love You Always Forever manages to keep my attention because Betty Who has a downright gorgeous voice.

cold pool#3. Cold Pool – Trouble

I’m usually good for one easy-listening prog house track a week. This time it’s a Russian outfit that goes by the name Cold Pool who have me hooked. I wish there was a bit more vocal play going on here, but hey… beggers can’t be choosers.

kat vinter#2. Kat Vinter x G. Jnr – 100% (Below Zero) //

Heard this one a few weeks ago, but it really wasn’t until last week that I got really into it. It’s weird. I’m not sure about some parts. But I still have it going on my playlist constantly. The oddity of it all has me good I guess.

garden city movement#1. Garden City Movement – She’s So Untouchable

Oh god those 2 notes from the… guitar??…. in the background. The way it plays off that subtle notes from the… drums???… magic. As you can tell, I have the trained ear of a master musician. Whatever those sounds are that complement the sweet, sweet verses of this track have me coming back to this one again and again. This song is basically the best elevator music made ever.