Songs of the Week 65: June 12 – June 18

lemarquis#5. LeMarquis – Lose Control

Another track that almost feels like it wants to explode with sound … but instead keeps itself a bit buttoned down. Part of me kind of wishes it went a little louder and a little crazier, as I’m really digging the components that are here.

brandyn burnette#4. Brandyn Burnette – State I’m In

I know I like this song more than I realize, if that makes sense at all. I think it’ll just take a few more weeks to grow on me. This isn’t the first song from Mr. Burnette I’ve featured… hopefully it ain’t the last either. Love his blend of folksy sounds with pop rock.

geovarn#3. Geovarn – Your Way

If you ever wondered what the love child of The Weeknd and Craig David would sound like… well wonder no more. It’s Geovarn (I mean it’s not really Geovarn, but roll with me here). Starts of pretty slow, but boy does he ever nail that second verse. So smooth.

soleima#2. Soleima – Wasted

We go from a Weeknd/Craig David sound to the new Sia voice clone. Right from the get go you can tell that the song is all about positive vibes and easy-going times.

khai#1. Khai – Alive

Some songs are too simple and just feel like they lack depth. Alive is not one of those songs. It sounds like a fairly simple song, but it also sounds very full. Is that the result of good production? I don’t know. I’m musically ignorant in terms of how songs are created and put together. But I know what I like, and this song – despite being gentle and seemingly simple – is gorgeous.