Songs of the Week 68: July 3 – July 9

afsheen#5. AFSHeeN – Tunnel

With vocals that are just BEGGING to be sampled, AFSHeeN’s Tunnel  is tops on my list of “Songs I Hope Get Remixed or Sampled”. That opening line is gorgeous. The song is a bit more chill than I was hoping for after it’s opening, but I will never not sing along with those lyrics.

litche#4. Litche – Look Up

The debut (?) from Litche is a Radioheadesque haunter. Some sweet sounding layered vocals here.

1000volts 1000volts – Lights Out

Really digging the mashup of hip hop with electro/dubstep/trap that’s going on here. Plus, who can resist Redman? I mean really. And that drop is glorious. That’s a stadium drop right there, made for the big stages of something like a Coachella.

bad sounds#2. Bad Sounds – Banger

Little happy-go-lucky surf pop at the #2 spot this week. It’s really just the logical next step to come after a dubstep-hip hop … banger… (see what I did there?).

childish major#1. Childish Major Feat. Isaiah Rashad & SZA – Happy Birthday

Gawd damn that melody. I mean the flow is fantastic, and the chorus is catchy as hell… but this melody just floats along gloriously. Always am happy when I have a new hip hop track in my favorites, and this one is amongst the best I’ve come across in a while.