Songs of the Week 71: July 24 – July 30

honne#5. Honne – One At A Time Please

Honne have nailed that “successful and classy” sound… you know, the type of track you play when you walk in the door of your downtown penthouse apartment after exiting your Bentley and just before you pour yourself the finest scotch money can buy. Yeah, that type of sound. Super common. (also my apologies for the Spotify link – could not find a working Soundcloud or Youtube link that worked in Canada).

laurel#4. Laurel – San Francisco

Do you like Lana Del Rey? Well then, meet Laurel (although to be fair, San Francisco is the only one of her stellar cast of tracks that I feel like could be sung by Lana Del Rey and I wouldn’t know the difference).

richard walters#3. Richard Walters – July Bones

Sometimes when you are down and out, the only tonic is more depression. I mean this song could be about sugar plums, puppies and winning the lottery, but yet somehow the magical voice of Richard Walters would make me feel like having a good cry. P.S. I’m not known as a great compliment giver… so Richard Walters, take what you can from that and run with it!

loframes#2. Loframes Feat. Anoraak – Since You’ve Gone

Anoraak was one of my first “discoveries” when I got deep into the music-blog world… aka one of the earlier moments when I realized there was music outside what the radio would play or what you would see on MTV/Much Music. Loframes… well I just straight up dig almost anything they put together. Together – well, picture cruising down the streets of Paris late a night, top down and not a care in the world. That’s what you have here.

boa#1. BOA – Pharoah

I don’t have anything witty or clever to say about this one. I don’t know much about BOA (this song was the first I’d heard of them). But it works. It works very very nicely and it grows on me more with every listen. They have a sound that I think would translate well to a live show at some small, intimate venue full of die hard fans who sing every lyric to every song.