Songs of the Week 73: August 7 – August 13

tender#5. Tender – Outside

Tender are back with another sensual, pulsating RnB track that’s sure to have you swaying side to side and thinking of that special someone.

paper lions#4. Paper Lions – My Number

This one got me with those vibrating “ooooooh” that end every line. I’m a sucker for nifty little hooks and My Number is alll about dem hooks.

hunny#3. Hunny – Colder Parts

I’ve been on a real “songs that sound like they should be from the 80s” kick recently, and Hunny’s driving guitar riffs and catchy vocals fit that bill perfectly.

swims#2. Swims – Twice

I’m loving the unique sound to Twice. Swims have taken the trend of hip hop artists “rap in a way that no one can understand what they are saying” and created a crazy fusion of RnB with poppy hip hop (I think?). Whatever it is, the grooves are undeniable.

tennis#1. Tennis – Ladies Don’t Play Guitar

I adore absolutely everything about the newest from Tennis. I love the sarcastic yet serious message about sexism; I love the riffs and the catchy chorus; I love the “whoooo”; but most of all I love the vocal play. It’s smooth and it’s sophisticated…with just the right about of pop.