Songs of the Week 74: August 14 – August 20

seeing hands

#5. Seeing Hands – I Knew You

As you’ll soon see, this seems to be the week of summery, airy indie pop. I guess it goes hand in hand with the first real real warm week of weather we’ve had out here on the west coast of Canada. Debut from Seeing Hands is going to have you feeling those wind-in-the-hair, beach-side drives real fast.

oyster kids#4. Oyster Kids – Gum (Everybody’s My Friend)

Next on the docket is some Lighthearted indie pop from Oyster Kids. If this doesn’t have you tapping your foot, you need to rethink your priorities in life.

heartracer#3. Heartracer – Dream Girl

We now transport back to the 80s summer time for some retro-feeling stuff from Heartracer. Was really “well, this is ok” about this track until that guitar riff kicked in around the 1:20 mark. Then they take you on a hyper-driven ride for the last 3 minutes and it’s glorious.

moonzz#2. MOONZz – Every Every

Another one of those tracks where the chorus completely sold me on the song. Has a driving, synth-sounding sound to it, rife with warped vocals and an almost dubstep feel.

taku wafia#1. Ta-Ku & Wafia – Treading Water //

We finish with a delicate and lovely track from beats master himself Ta-Ku, who hooks up with Wafia as part of the (m)edian ep. Not often would I describe a track as “pretty”, but that’s exactly what this is.