Songs of the Week 84: October 23 – October 29

the-knocks#5. The Knocks Feat. Sam Nelson Harris – Heat

Oh hey, it’s new Knocks! A ridiculously catchy hook is the highlight of this track for me. I’ve found myself being less and less in love with The Knocks over the past year or two, so I’m glad to see something from them rekindle my interest.

wet#4. Wet – The Middle

Part of my really really wants to be obsessed with Wet. Yet, it just doesn’t seem to happen. I always end up growing a bit tired of their tracks for whatever reason. That said, their latest track The Middle is gorgeous. Starts off with the recognizable Wet sound but quickly changes pace into something with a bit more buzz than what Wet fans are probably accustom too.


#3. Allen Tate – Being Alone

Allen Tate has one of my favorite voices in music (and if you recognize it, that’s probably because he’s part of the also-awesome band San Fermin). Again, I want to love this song so much (which seems to be a familiar theme this week). It starts off AMAZING, but kinda wears on me by the end. It’s a lovely little tune though and I mean really. It’s Allen Tate.

leo-kalyan#2. Leo Kalyan – White Light

Leo Kalyan released his Outside In ep a few days ago and well, it’s just lovely. I’ve been a huge Leo Kalyan fan since I first stumbled upon his music, and White Light is not just my favorite track from his latest release, but maybe my favorite Leo track ever.

xaxo#1. XAXO – Looking For Nothing

Another band releasing their latest ep over the last few days was XAXO… someone who for me, came out of absolutely no where a few months ago and now have tracks all over my “favorites” playlist. I find them incredibly unique, with such a wide range of sounds. Plus who can resist a good falsetto? I mean really now.