Songs of the Week 82: October 9 – October 15

the-boxer-rebellion#5. The Boxer Rebellion – Keep Me Close

Had the chance to see The Boxer Rebellion 4-5 years ago in Toronto. There’s something about their sound that I find captivating. Their guitar-driven brand of rock, combined with the distinctive voice of Nathan Nicholson, always get me excited every time a new album is released. While I didn’t find Ocean By Ocean as strong as their previous releases, Keep Me Close is definitely good for a bunch of repeat listens.

nick-jonas#4. Nick Jonas Feat. Ty Dolla $ign – Bacon

I KNOW. I know. But bear with me here… Hoodboi just released a remix of Bacon that has been making the rounds across the blogosphere. Anytime I hear a remix I do my due diligence and give the original a listen as well. I wasn’t expecting much (Nick Jonas just isn’t my kind of stuff)… but you know what? This one worked. Yes it’s made for radio, but c’mon now. It’s catchy, easy to listen to “trappy-hip hop pop”. Whatever. I like it.

angus-dawson#3. Angus Dawson – Ocean in the Sky

Haven’t heard from Mr. Dawson in AGES (10 months, according to his soundcloud). Not since his brilliant release of Battles. Well, he’s back with another song to make you cry your eyes out and ponder life as we know it (to be honest I have no idea what the song is about but it just feels sad).

two-door-cinema-club#2. Two Door Cinema Club – Bad Decisions

Every TDCC album is good for at least one killer track (and that’s not to say there wont’ be more, but with every release there is always one track that I just can’t stop grooving to). On Gameshow, that track is Bad Decisions. TDCC are pure fun and another band I had the pleasure of seeing when I lived in Toronto. At that time, Sun was my favorite track and it had the same pop as this one does. I know I saw this about almost every band, but TDCC are really one of my top 5. I tend to be a singles guy (in that I really only like 1 or 2 songs from every artist), but there’s a whole catalog of tracks that I adore from these boys.

aquilo#1. Aquilo – You Won’t Know Where You Stand

Another Aquilo track, and another momebt of depressing brilliance. I can’t find a soundcloud or youtube link to the full, non-live version of this track (unless of course you have Soundcloud premium), so instead the above rendition will have to do. I’m seeing these lads in a few mere weeks in Vancouver, and I look forward to being blown away.

Songs of the Week 81: October 2 – October 8

zeds-dead#5. Zeds Dead Feat. Twin Shadow – Stardust

Zeds Dead’s (relatively) newest (and I say relatively because since hearing this track – which was released around 10 days ago – they’ve already released another) features one of my favs (Twin Shadow). Twin Shadow lays down some nice vocals on a track with a bit of tension and a bit of sci fi pulsing through it.

fonx#4. Fonx – Hit Me Hard

Funky pop-rock form Fonx on their debut track, Hitting Me Hard. Wish the sound had been let loose a bit more in the chorus, but can’t deny that the head-bob quality of this one is high.


#3. midnight – Absolute Reprise

Some piano-bar slowjams for the #3 spot. Been a while since a good baby-makin track has graced my ears. I feel that this one trails off a bit towards the end, but it’s incredibly sultry regardless.

traveler#2. Lionel Richie – All Night Long (Traveler Remix) //

The artist known for remixing famous track is back at it with a gloriously tropical remix of a Lionel Ritchie staple. Just love the “da da’s” that flow along softly in the background during the slow parts of this one.

weeknd#1. The Weeknd Feat. Daft Punk – Starboy

A relatively weak week of tracks is topped off by a stunner from the Weeknd & Daft Punk. If not for this track I might have completely decided to just skip this week’s post and bank the couple worthy songs for a future week. I’ve been a Weeknd fan since his very first mixtape, and while I do think the quality has dropped as his releases have churned out, I’m hoping for him to buck the trend with his upcoming album. So far, Starboy is setting the bar high… and while I don’t really get what is going on in this video, I absolutely love it. Never underestimate the power of a good music video.