Songs of the Week 88: November 20 – November 26

anabel-englund#5. Anabel Englund – London Headache

Is there such a thing as a quiet banger? A subtle dance anthem? Cause that’s the vibe I get from Anabel Englund’s latest. Something that doesn’t quite belong on any club set, but is still so perfect for a dance party.

stephen-christopher#4. Steven Christopher – Stay

My intro to Steven Christopher came in the form of Stay and… needless to say, it only took the first four lines of the track to know it was making this week’s list.

margaux-avril#3. Margaux Avril – Soon

Love this. Love a good chorus. Another artist who I’m brand new to… reminds me a lot of the sounds from Trella who was featured a few weeks back.

henry-green#2. Henry Green – Real

I dig Henry Green. Like, really dig him. Real is the first track (I believe) that he’s shared from his upcoming EP and, like everything else he’s released… it’s a downtempo gem.

annabel-jones#1. Annabel Jones – Stay

Well how about that. We have two tracks this week with the name Stay, and we have two artists this week with the first name An(n)abel. That’s fun. What else is fun? This track right here. A nice mix of pop and electro-dance.

Songs of the Week 87: November 13 – November 19

bearson#5. Bearson Feat. Natalola – One Step At A Time

Some uplifting dance pop from Bearson starts this week off, along with some gorgeous, funky vocals from Natalola.

fairchild#4. Fairchild – Start Again

Another brooding rock release from Fairchid. These guys are doing a great job reviving the rock scene of old with neon sounds, soaring guitars and some powerful vocals.

aaron-fontwell#3. Aaron Fontwell – Crystal Coated

Did I mention reviving sounds of old? This sounds like it’s right out of the early 90s grime scene. Really digging the debut release from Aaron Fontwell. Very interested to see what direction he goes with for his next track.


#2. Isabel – Stay

Had a hard time choosing top spot this week. Could easily have been Stay, which is the follow up to the lovely Fences that was released near the beginning of this year. This is some straight-up captivating pop music… something that’d be right at home in a swanky piano bar downtown New York City.

sleigh-bells#1. Sleigh Bells – I Can Only Stare

I don’t love everything Sleigh Bells creates, but man when I do like their stuff I’m addicted. Their signature “start with loud, powerful vocals then switch to softer, background crooning” gets me every time.