Songs of the Week 86: November 6 – November 12

allan-rayman#5. Allan Rayman – Much Too Much

Allan Rayman has a very distinctive sound, which can be a blessing or a curse. While you can argue that a lot of Allan’s songs sound somewhat similar, the production and beats for a lot of his stand out tracks are gorgeous and catchy. This track no different, which a really cool, “tv drama set in NYC during the early 60s” feel to it.

taka-perry#4. Taka Perry Feat. Jimmy Davis – Fishy

This track’s first verse blows me away. It’s clever and catchy. I’m a bit let down after the first drop, but not enough to keep me from hitting repeat.

young-summer#3. Young Summer – Heart In Slo Mo

Young Summer is on quite the tear. Every new track she’s released this past year finds it’s way onto my playlist. Heart In Slo Mo is, in my humble opinion, not the strongest of her releases… but that says more about how goddamn amazing her past few tracks were.

warbly-jets#2. Warbly Jets – Alive

Catchy power-rock from Warbly Jets with their debut track, Alive. Straight goodness from start to finish here.

sigma#1. Sigma Feat. Birdy – Find Me

The song perhaps more famous for who stars in it’s music video (someone from the Netflix show Stranger Things… I don’t know, I haven’t watched it), Find Me is an awesome anthemic progressive house-feeling track from Sigma with lovely vocals from Birdy. I typically only post videos if I cannot find a Soundcloud link, but definitely go give this video a shot as it really gives the song another gear.

Songs of the Week 85: October 30 – November 5

snakehips#5. Snakehips Feat. Zayn – Cruel

Snakehips have gone full pop apparently… not that I’m complaining or anything. Who doesn’t love a good pop track? Not sure I’m totally digging the vocals here, but can’t deny that there’s some swagger and danceability with Cruel.

trella#4. Trella – Retreat

Talking about swagger – I am really loving the pace of Retreat from relatively unknown Trella. The pulsing piano chords are catchy as hell and there’s some really great lyrical play here as well. Also is that a saxophone I hear?! Nice times.

couros#3. Couros – Breathe Again

I think my favorite part of many songs is taking different directions with your lyrics and verses. Too many songs stick to a boring old pattern or rhyme scheme. Couros rocks my socks with pace that (at least to me) feels unusual… and it’s really refreshing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#2. Dragonette – Darth Vader

Dragonette are back with another dance pop banger, carried once again by some gorgeous, powerful vocals. Dragonette must be one of the most consistent acts these days in producing only quality in everything they release. Seems that song after song makes it’s way onto my playlist from these guys.

embrz#1. The 1975 – Somebody Else (Embrz Remix) //

I must really not have been paying attention this summer, because I completely missed the 1975 releasing an album. I only heard Somebody Else after hearing this remix… and let me say that both are fantastic. The original is a depressing love song with that classic The 1975 sound, whereas the Embrz remix adds a bit of bounce to make it more of a sad, depressing dance track.