Songs of the Week 89: November 27 – December 3

me-not-you#5. Me Not You – Bulletproof

Debut track from Me Not You is interestingly beautiful. Love the vocals.

draper#4. Draper Feat. BB Diamond – Jealous

Normally I’d have a song like this higher… but it’s been a great week of music (and it’s already lookin like it’ll be a strong one next week as well). This has all the components that tickle my musical fancy – catchy lyrics, great beat, throwback to the 80s/90s sound and extremely danceable.

rationale#3. Rationale – Prodigal Son

It actually pains me to put this at #3 considering who’ll be at #1 this week (hint – it’s a major guilty pleasure song). Rationale is definitely one of my favorite “unknowns”… he hasn’t quite had that breakout hit yet that has him everywhere. However there’s tons of passion in every one of his tracks and one of the few artists in my library that hasn’t had a “miss” yet.

childish-gambino#2. Childish Gambino – Redbone

Controversial opinion time – I really don’t like Gambino’s new album. It makes me super super sad to say this too as I had unrealistically high expectations for it (he’s basically my favorite artist ever). Hearing Redbone a few weeks ago only heightened those expectations, and I held off sharing it in case there was something on the album that I’d come to like more. Unfortunately, that did not happen. In fact, there’s nothing else on the album I really like at all. That said, I think Redbone is absolutely amazing and probably in my top 5 Childish songs ever.

bruno-mars#1. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Yup. I know. I can’t help it. I cannot stop playing this song. I need help. Not listening to radio has it’s advantages… you don’t get bombarded by the same 5-10 songs over and over and over. However, when a track like this is flying around, if you don’t listen to radio there’s a good chance you never hear it (despite how ubiquitous is may be). Had I not been in a friend’s car when this track came on, it may very well have completely passed by my musical consciousness. Get ready, because every wedding for the next 5-10 years will have this song on it’s playlist.